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The Opticians of Manitoba (OOM) regulates the profession of Opticianry in Manitoba. We set standards of practice to ensure that all Manitobans receive safe and competent care.

By law, all persons who practise as Opticians and Contact Lens Opticians in Manitoba must be registered and licensed members of OOM.

Student Registration – supervisors for students are now required to have been actively practising for 3 years, be in good standing and have been ...
Opticians to provide OOM with certificate of completion by December 15, 2017 in order to receive their licenses for 2018.
Opticians of Manitoba Annual Meeting and Workshop on Practise Directions and Guidelines and Practise Audits
License of Record
Requests to dispensaries to submit their updated License of Record information will be sent to all dispensaries in January 2018.
2018 License Applications
Deadline for submitting 2018 License Applications is November 1, 2017. A late fee of $200.00 is in effect for applications submitted after the November 1, 2017 ...
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