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Fee Guide

Recommended Fee Guide For Manitoba Dispensaries

The following Fee Guide includes recommendations only, is not endorsed by OOM, and no Optician in the province is required to follow it. If you do use it, however, you are encouraged to display it in your dispensary.

Spectacle Fitting and Repair
PD $40.00
After Service $90.00/hr ½ hr min.
Package PD, Fitting (60 days)
$120.00 Package PD, Fitting
(1 year) $150.00
Consultation $100.00


Contact Lens Fitting, Graduated Scale
Basic K’s and Slit Lamp $50.00
Simple S. L. above and recommendation $100.00
Toric $125.00
RGP $175.00 and up
Specialty Lenses Up to $500.00
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