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Policies and Procedures

Policy Development

The Opticians of Manitoba (OOM) believe that written policies are needed and should be designed:

  • To help the OOM realize its mission
  • To implement its strategic aims and priorities
  • To govern the operations of the OOM effectively
  • To govern its members in a manner that serves and protects the public interest


The need for both external and internal policy development is kept under constant review.

External Policy Development

Includes the development of policies in relation to external issues or developments which are pertinent to OOM concerns such as to:

  • Protect service users, beneficiaries
  • Demonstrate value to supporters or funders
  • Protect the future of OOM

In order to be effective in external policy development, the OOM will ensure to the best of its ability, that it uses available opportunities to remain informed regarding external developments that are relevant to OOM.

Internal Policy Development

Includes the development of policies, practices and procedures to govern the operations of the OOM and to ensure that the OOM:

  • Complies with its legal responsibilities
  • Is able to demonstrate effective management and accountability
  • Provides clear guidance for those involved in the operation of the OOM
  • Establishes clearly its beliefs, positions or values, helping to ensure that these are supported through its activities

Internal policies will include, but may not be limited to financial, management, volunteer, complaints resolution, confidentiality, recruitment and equal opportunity.  OOM policies apply to all members of the organization, staff, volunteers and visitors.


Policy development involves identifying need, gathering information, drafting policies, consulting, implementation, monitoring and review.  The OOM Council may not be involved in all stages of policy development, but they must ensure that the established processes result in policies and procedures that:

  • Are in keeping with the vision, mission, values and strategic goals of the OOM
  • Meet all legal responsibilities
  • Are effectively implemented
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