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Event Date: January 01, 2018

The Council of the Opticians of Manitoba (OOM) has now approved and published Practice Directions and Guidelines for Opticians in Manitoba in the form of a handbook.


The new Practice Directions:

  • are based on the performance requirements for opticians in Canada included in the new National Competencies for Opticians which were released in April 2013.
  • meet the legislated obligation of the OOM to approve, publish and update Standards in three types of documents, all of which are considered to be regulatory instruments:
    • Code of Ethics
    • Standards of Practice
    • Practice Directions
  • clearly outline an optician’s obligation to practice safely, ethically and competently and prioritize patient safety and patient-centered care and reflect current best practices and legislation
  • are intended to enhance, explain, add to, and guide registrants about subject matter described in the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice ,in legislation that applies to opticians as well as legislation that applies to all health care professionals.
  • as a regulatory instruments, the Practice Directions:
  • must be followed whether an optician practices privately or for an employer.
  • will form the foundation for practice audits which will be required by legislation


Additional information in the form ‘Guidelines”, “Notes” and “Appendices” have also been included in the handbook to help opticians apply the Practice Directions and to provide guidance on specific issues.


The Handbook is now available:

so that licensed opticians, potential applicants for licensure, employers, patients and members of the public can easily obtain information about performance expectations for opticians in Manitoba


You can request your copy of the handbook by calling the OOM at (204)222-8404 or by email to oom@optm.ca.



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