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About us


The Opticians of Manitoba serve and protect the public interest through effective regulation of the practice of opticianry.

The Opticians of Manitoba achieves this goal primarily through the performance of its three core functions;

  • Registration and Licensing
  • Standards
  • Complaints Resolution

In meeting our Mission, we are committed to be;

  • Accountable for the public protection
  • Accessible to the public and registrants
  • Fair and transparent in our conduct
  • Efficient in regulating the profession of Opticianry in Manitoba

Opticianry is a self-governing profession in Manitoba. The Opticians of Manitoba (OOM) has been regulating the profession since 1953.

All Opticians must be registered and licensed by OOM to legally practice Opticianry in Manitoba. Our registration and licensing processes ensure that all Opticians licensed to practise in Manitoba have:

  • Completed a course of study approved by OOM
  • Passed an exam in Opticianry
  • practical training and/or work experience approved by OOM
  • been accepted onto the OOM register

As mandated by the Opticians Act, OOM:

  • Promotes and increases the knowledge, skill, efficiency, and proficiency of its members in all things relating to Opticianry, business organization, administration, and ethics
  • Encourages, promotes, and extends the science of Opticianry
  • Maintains, disseminates, and advances ethical concepts and standards of knowledge in Opticianry
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