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The Council is the legal authority for the Opticians of Manitoba (OOM). As a member of the Council, a President acts in a position of trust for the members and the public and is responsible for the effective governance of the organization. The President is also responsible and accountable to the membership.


Completed two-year Council term and have an understanding of parliamentary procedures.


The President serves for a two-year term. The President will continue to hold office after his/her term expires until the member is re-elected or reappointed or a successor is elected or appointed. A member appointed by Council to fill a vacancy shall hold office for the balance of the unexpired term of the vacating member.


  • Commitment to the work of the organization
  • Knowledge and skills in one or more areas of Council governance: policy, finance, programs and personnel
  • Willingness to serve on at least one committee
  • Attendance at bimonthly Council and Executive meetings
  • A time commitment of five – eight hours a month,(includes council /committee meeting preparation, and Council and Executive meeting time)
  • Attendance at the Annual General Meeting
  • Be informed of the services provided by the Opticians of Manitoba and publicly support them
  • Prepare for and participate in the discussions and the deliberations of the council
  • Foster a positive working relationship with other council members and the general staff
  • Be aware and abstain from any conflict of interest

Major Duties

  • Establish overall long and short term goals, objectives and priorities for the Opticians of Manitoba in meeting the needs of the members and the public
  • Be the primary spokesperson for the Opticians of Manitoba to the media and community at large
  • Effectively manage the Council’s activities, ensuring that Council fulfills its legal requirements and its bylaws
  • Address the Annual General Meeting.
  • Chair the Council and Executive Committee ensuring that meetings are conducted in accordance with bylaws
  • Report to Council on status of major programs
  • A signing authority on behalf of the Council for financial and legal purposes
  • Represent the organization to government and municipal officials
  • Provides leadership and direction to the Council
  • Arrange for the Vice President to chair meetings in the absence of the President
  • Represent the Opticians of Manitoba at community functions
  • In conjunction with the Registrar , and members of Council and Executive Committee set monthly Council meeting agendas and dates for meetings
  • Act as an ex- officio member of all Council Committees
  • Ensure that the Council is properly informed about the operations of the organization and has the information and opportunity necessary to make decisions on matters within the purview of the Council.
  • Enhance and maintain strategic relationships and effective communications with relevant organizations and associations
  • Acting as the primary liaison with the Registrar
  • In conjunction with the Executive Committee provide guidance and leadership
  • Contribute to the development of a cohesive team that effectively capitalizes on the strengths, diversities and expertise of all Council members.
  • Ensure Council members receive agenda and minutes in a timely manner
  • Adhere to the general duties outlined in the Council member job description

Review/Approval Date

Annually reviews the President’s job description. Recommended changes are presented to the Council for ratification.


Opticians of Manitoba Bylaws- 1984

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