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The Registrar is the Chief Executive Officer and is appointed by and accountable to the Council of the Opticians of Manitoba (OOM).


Demonstrated leadership and management skills, excellent communication skills with stakeholders at all levels and a proven ability to build and manage multiple professional relationships. Familiarity with regulatory practice and administrative law.


  • Commitment to the work of the organization
  • Knowledge and skills Council governance: policy, finance, programs and personnel
  • Attendance at bimonthly Council and Executive meetings, other Council committee meetings as required, meetings of external governing bodies and bi annual national meetings of auxiliary Opticianry organizations
  • Be informed of the services provided by the Opticians of Manitoba and publicly support them
  • Prepare for and participate in the discussions and the deliberations of Council
  • Foster a positive working relationship with other Council members and the general staff
  • Be aware and abstain from any conflict of interest

Major Duties and Areas of Responsibility

  • The Registrar is responsible for and has the authority to:
  • Act in ways to ensure the protection of the public and the efficient and effective achievement of the mandate of the Opticians of Manitoba
  • Being well informed about the Opticians of Manitoba and the issues within the regulatory practice of the profession of Opticianry
  • Being well informed of the roles and responsibilities of the Council and Council Committees
  • Act within the Opticians Act, and the regulations and bylaws of the Opticians of Manitoba ,The Fair Registration Practices in Regulated Professions Act and all other relevant Federal and Provincial Acts, regulations and bylaws
  • Act within the policy framework established by the Council
  • Implement strategic directions, outcomes and annual priorities established by the Council
  • Ensure that Council members are kept informed
  • Ensure that all Council committees and working groups have the staff support they require.
  • Develop an annual budget for discussion by the Finance Committee and approval by Council
  • Manage the finances of the Opticians of Manitoba within the annual budget as approved by Council
  • Manage risks related to information, finance, staff, facilities, equipment and the public image and reputation of the organization.
  • Maintain the register of Licensed Opticians and an online registry
  • Process applications for registration and licensing, making first level decisions within Council policy and refer concerns about applications to the Registration Committee
  • Process complaints from the public and members within Council policy and refer complaints as needed to the Complaints Resolution Committee
  • Maintain the record of members’ Maintenance of Competency credits and requirements
  • Acquire advice such as legal counsel, accounting, information technology and office management
  • Maintain all administrative systems including information, records, finance, the office, equipment and the website,
  • Develop and recommend policies and procedures for discussion and approval by Council
  • Hire, support, evaluate, discipline and terminate all staff and contractors
  • Maintain positive relationships with government, other Opticianry and regulatory bodies, concerned individuals and organizations
  • Inform OOM members about regulatory practice issues
  • Promote the profession of Opticianry and the regulation of Opticians
  • Act as head of the Opticians of Manitoba for the purposes of the Freedom of Information and other federal and provincial protection of privacy of information legislation
  • Work with the Chair of Council to identify new issues requiring attention, to clarify operational and policy aspects of the new issues and to make recommendations to Council regarding delegation of same


The Registrar is hired on a contract basis for a mutually agreeable term.

Review/Approval Date

The council will evaluate the performance of the registrar and review the Registrar position
description on an annual basis and present recommended changes to Council for ratification.


Opticians of Manitoba Bylaws- 1984

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