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MOC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


Q. Why is this required?

A. The Council of the Opticians of Manitoba is mandated under its bylaws and the Province of Manitoba Opticians Act to establish a Maintenance of Competency program to ensure that members maintain their competence and to enhance the practice of opticinary. The program provides for, but is not limited to:

  • Reviewing the professional competence of members
  • Requiring members to participate in programs intended to ensure competence
  • conducting practice audits.

Under the OOM Bylaws and the Optician’s Act:

All members are required to acquire a minimum number of MOC /continuing education credits on an annual basis and in every 3 year cycle, in order to maintain their License to Practice.

Q. What must I do to demonstrate satisfactory participation?

A. You must demonstrate that you are in compliance with the maintenance of competency requirements for each 3 year cycle, whether you have an active or an inactive License to Practice. Prior to the beginning of each 3 year cycle you will be notified in writing of the minimum number of credits that will be required for you to maintain your License to Practice. A report of the number of credits that you have reported and have been approved is available to you at any time by logging onto the OOM members’ portal of the OOM website or by contacting the OOM.

You are required to submit proof of attendance at events that qualify for MOC credits and copies of all certificates received, following successful completion of online MOC modules, to the OOM so that they can be entered into your MOC credit record. Members are also responsible for advising the OOM in writing if they wish to have surplus credits for any year in the 3 year cycle banked for the following cycle. Members are allowed to bank a maximum of 4 MOC credits to be carried forward to the next three year cycle.

Q. What do I have to do if I move in to Manitoba from another province?

A. You will be required to provide the OOM with a Letter of Good Standing from the regulatory body in the jurisdiction where you are currently licensed. The letter must include your MOC status.

Q. Is membership in the Opticians of Manitoba (OOM) a requirement to participate in the MOC Program?

A. Only active and inactive members of the OOM and Opticinary students registered with the OOM may attend MOC events sponsored by the OOM.

Q. How can I get more info about the MOC Program?

A. You can obtain more information on the OOM website www.opticiansofmanitoba.ca or by calling the OOM office at (204) 222-8404.

Q. How do I report earned MOC credits?

A. If you attend OOM sponsored MOC events, you will obtain a copy of your MOC credit certificate when you hand in your evaluation form at the end of the presentation. The OOM staff will enter those credits for you into your credit bank.

If you attend MOC events which are not sponsored by the OOM, you are responsible for submitting your certificates to the OOM so that they can be entered into your credit bank. If you successfully complete online MOC modules, you are responsible for sending a copy of the certificate which you will receive on line, to the OOM so that a hard or electronic copy can be placed on your permanent optician file

Q. How many credits am I supposed to accrue in each MOC 3 year cycle?

A. Go to the Opticians of Manitoba website www.opticiansofmanitoba.ca and select the Opticians of Manitoba Maintenance of Competency Policy. Appendix A on page 6 of the policy includes all of the specific MOC requirements for a three year cycle.

Q. What information am I required to provide to the OOM regarding my MOC activities?

A. You are responsible for sending all of your certificates for non OOM sponsored MOC events to the OOM throughout each 3 year cycle.

Q. What must I declare when my MOC cycle is completed?

A. If you have been submitting your certificates to the OOM throughout the cycle, all of your MOC credits will be in your credit bank. If not and you have not met all the requirements, you will receive a letter at the end of the cycle, letting you know what additional requirements you must complete by the deadline, in order to maintain your license.

Q. Are there any exemptions to mandated MOC requirements if I am retired or semi-retired?

A. If you are retired but want to maintain your inactive license, you are required to complete the same MOC requirements as the members who have an active license.

Q. How do I log into the Opticians of Manitoba website to find out how many MOC credits I have in my bank?

A. The OOM website allows you access to a special bulletin board of information available to OOM members only and allows you to view your MOC history, such as MOC events you have attended in Manitoba and online MOC modules you have done through the OAC (if applicable).


TO LOGIN to the OOM website:

1. Go to www.opticiansofmanitoba.ca
2. Click on the word LOGIN located beside the search area at the top right of this webpage
4. Enter your login information that is on file at the OOM office. (your email as user ID, password and license#)
5. Click on the “Submit” button. You should now be logged in. And because you are logged in, your own information will be displayed.

If you have any questions about information on the OOM website, contact the OOM office at 204-222-8404 or email oom@optm.ca

Q. How do I log into the OAC website if I am an OAC member and want to do their online MOC modules?

A. Contact the OAC for Log in information at 1-800-847-3155 or email canada@opticians.ca

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