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Continuing Education

To ensure current knowledge, all Opticians and Contact Lens Opticians must earn a minimum number of Continuing Education credits in a 3-year cycle. To earn credits, you must participate in Continuing Education activities such as:

  • Perform vision screening at an Elementary School
  • Supervise eyeglass fittings
  • Complete a First Aid course
  • Attend the OOM Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Attend a lecture
  • Complete an online course

Each activity is worth a specific number of credits. See Continuing Education for full details.

It can cost up to $1000 per year to obtain your required Continuing Education credits.

Tracking Your Activities and Credits

It is your responsibility to track your Continuing Education credits. OOM will set up an online profile for you. This will allow you to log in to the Members section of the OOM website and access your Continuing Education bank and your Checklist items:

Member Credits

You must enter your Continuing Education activities and credits into your bank. If you participate in a Continuing Education activity hosted by OOM, you will complete a Continuing Education Evaluation form provided by OOM, and OOM will enter your credits into your bank.

If you are short of credits at the end a 3-year cycle, OOM will mail you a registered letter that includes:

  • The number credits in your bank
  • The number of credits you must earn
  • The activities you must complete to earn those credits
  • The deadline for earning credits (usually one month)

If you do not earn the number of required credits, OOM will NOT renew your licence. You must have a valid licence to legally practise Opticianry in Manitoba.

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