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Process Overview

You must complete the following registration and licensing process to obtain a licence from OOM:


Registration and Licensing Process

If you were educated outside of Canada, your education program will NOT be accredited by OOM. You must therefore demonstrate that you have a combination of training and experience that is equivalent to the standards of Opticianry established in Canada. Applicants with appropriate work experience who have little or no formal training or education in opticianry are also eligible for the PLAR assessment. It should be noted however that it is more likely that the required standard will be met where the applicant has had formal education in opticianry.

These are the steps in the registration and licensing process:

Step 1: Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR)

Undergo Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) to demonstrate that you have training and experience in Opticianry that OOM considers satisfactory.

  • Criminal Record Check Including Vulnerable Sector Search: (Fee is subject to change – refer to your local Police Office)
  • PLAR Application Fee: $225.75 (including GST)  (For review of your application by the Registration Committee & interview) following completion of the online assessment (CGA)
  • Eyeglass Gap Analysis (Mandatory): $682.50 (including GST)
  • Contact Lens Gap Analysis (Optional): $682.50 (including GST)

IMPORTANT: You can do the online GAP analysis and have the interview conducted in your country if suitable arrangements can be made there.

Step 2: National Exam

Pass the exam(s).

  • Eyeglass Exam (Mandatory): $725
  • Contact Lens Exam (Optional): $725

Step 3: Registration

Complete the OOM Application for Registration form and pay the registration fee.

  • Application for Registration fee: $200

Once you complete the above steps, OOM will add your name to the Register. The Register is a list of people who have proven that have the training and experience to practice Opticianry in Manitoba. Being on the Register means that you are eligible to complete the licensing process.

Step 4: Licensing (fee is subject to annual increase)

You must complete the licensing process to obtain a licence. The licensing process requires you to complete the Application for Licence form, submit the required documents, and pay the licence fee.

Once you obtain your licence, you may practise Opticianry in Manitoba for that year. You must renew your licence annually.


Accelerate the registration process. Start the process from your home country as soon as possible:

1. Submit your Application for PLAR

2. Use Manitoba’s online resources to improve your level of English from your home computer:

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