"OUR focus is YOUR eyesight"

For the Public

Your eyesight is too important to trust to just anyone. Seeing a Licensed Optician will ensure you receive high quality service from an accountable professional. Licensed Opticians have to meet standards of practice and training, commit to ongoing education, and are held to these standards by the Opticians of Manitoba (OOM).

Your Optician will:

  • Display his/her Licence to Practise in a prominent location
  • Be honest and impartial in serving you
  • Use knowledge and skill to improve your visual health and well-being
  • Protect the privacy of your records
  • Release your records with your consent to another health professional
  • Provide you with quality ophthalmic services
  • Ensure that your service is not interrupted in the Optician’s absence
If you cannot see your Optician’s Licence to Practise, ask to see it, and ensure that it is valid for the current year.
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