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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1. Who can I file a complaint against?
The Opticians of Manitoba (OOM) regulates only Active practicing Opticians and inactive non-practicing Opticians in Manitoba. We do not have legal authority over optical stores, dispensaries, corporations or their non-Optician owners or managers.

2. What other avenues do I have?
Contact Manitoba Better Business Bureau, Consumer Protection Bureau or the Small Claims Court.

3. Can I file a complaint over the telephone?
You can call us but we will also ask you to complete the complaint resolution form and submit it to us before we will begin to investigate your complaint.

4. Can I file an anonymous complaint?
No. OOM is unable to act on anonymous complaints – the Optician must know who the Complainant is so that he/she can fully respond to the complaint. The name(s) of all Complainants must be disclosed unless there is strong evidence that their personal safety would be at risk. Please contact us directly if you feel you have such evidence.

5. Will I need to face the Optician at a hearing?
The Complaints Resolution Committee does not conduct hearings. It meets in closed session without the Complainant or Optician present.

6. Where can I obtain more information?
The Complaints Resolution Policy on the OOM website clearly details the complaints resolution process.

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