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Contacts & Other Devices

Contact Lenses, cosmetic shells and artificial eyes all come in contact with sensitive tissue of the eye. Opticians who fit and dispense contact lenses and cosmetic shells have taken specialized training and undergone a rigorous certification exam.

You can identify a qualified Optician by the special certificate displayed at his/her place of business. A Licensed Optician will measure the shape and size of your eye, select the type of contact lens material, and prepare work orders specifying the power of the lenses and lens size. In some cases, a Licensed Optician will prepare moulds of an eye, used to manufacture specialized devices. This work requires considerable skill, care, and patience.

Licensed Opticians will observe your eyes, corneas, lids, and contact lenses with special instruments and microscopes. During several visits, your Licensed Opticians will show you how to insert, remove, and care for your contacts, cosmetic shells or artificial eyes. At periodic intervals throughout your contact lens wearing life, your Optician is required to check the fitting of the contacts lenses. He/she will do this to ensure that the lenses and shells do not cause any harm to your eyes.

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