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New Policy – MOC – Accreditation – Effective August 21, 2018 (Click Here)

The OOM Council approved the approved the Policy on the Accreditation of Continuing Education Activities and Guidelines for Registrants and Providers  who are applying for the accreditation of an educational activity . Both the policy and the application procedure are consistent  With the current NACOR policy and procedure for accreditation of educational events as well as the policies and procedures of other provinces which are currently accrediting educational activities.


To date the OOM has relied primarily on NACOR to determine whether an educational event should be accredited and the number and type of credits that should be assigned to it and applicants may continue to submit their applications to  NACOR  if they wish to do so and if they wish their activity to be accredited so opticians in other provinces may receive credits for completing it .  The adoption of the new policy by the OOM will however allow applicants to apply directly to the OOM if they wish to do so and will enable the OOM to accredit educational activities for Manitoba without having to first submit the for accreditation by NACOR.


Guidelines for Registrants and Providers Who Are Applying For The Accreditation of An Educational Activity – August 2018 (Click Here)



You may have already seen the TV Commercial which has recently been released by the Manitoba Alliance of Regulated Health Professions which includes opticians. There is also a website www.mahrc.net

which provides clear navigation with easy-to-understand content, written for all Manitobans. The site features a list of alhealth regulators in the province as well as other useful information, such as the Regulated Health Professions Act .
If you have not as yet seen the TV Commercial , you can view it at http://vimeo.com/116557509. The commercial was produced to appeal to adult Manitobans and will run on stations throughout the province including spots during a Winnipeg Jets game, the Grammys and other key events like evening news programs.
A print ad also appears in the Jan/Feb issue of Wave Magazine, produced by the Winnipeg Free Press in partnership with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority the U of M Faculty of Medicine. The magazine is distributed to 35,000 homes in Winnipeg and 5,000 copies are distributed to clinics, hospitals and other health-care offices.


PEARL Award 2014 : Given to The Opticians of Manitoba

Pearl Award 2014

Heather Power, President of the Opticians of Manitoba (center) with Mavis Lewis Webber, Chair of MPLAN (left) and Carol Ellerbeck, Registrar of the Opticians of Manitoba (right).

The MPLAN PEARL Award is given for the Pursuit of Excellence in the Assessment
and Recognition of prior Learning




License of Record 2022

Please note the following links for renewal for License of Record Information: Form - fillable Letter Practice Direction Information

2022 License Forms



Please note that the OOM office within the CNIB bldg. is currently closed, we are working remotely.  All documentation from our members must be mailed ...

Further update from OOM re: COVID -19

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Important Information for OOM Members related to the Corona Virus [COVID-19]

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New Application for Licensing Form

Application for License Form (2020) Checklist of Items You Must Submit for Your 2020 License Application

Jurisprudence Module

Click here to view the Jurisprudence Module on Self Regulation.

PHIA (Personal Health Information Act)

Training Program - Direct Version For Individuals Effective 2015 all registrants are required to have completed the PHIA training module to be eligible for a license ...

Important Changes Have Been Approved By the OOM Council to the Following Policies and Practice Directions


Important Changes to the Following Policies and Procedures

Student Registration – supervisors for students are now required to have been actively practising for 3 years, be in good standing and have been ...


E-BLAST APRIL 20th, 2022

Event Date: April 20, 2022
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E-BLAST APRIL 13, 2022

Event Date: April 13, 2022
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E-BLAST April 1, 2022

Event Date: April 01, 2022
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Guidelines-Working Restrictions APRIL 1, 2022

Event Date: April 01, 2022
Please review the following information: Guidelines for working restrictions - COVID April 1 2022.


Event Date: March 14, 2022
Email Blast February 11 2022 for COVID

Updated OOM COVID Guidelines March 15, 2022

Event Date: March 12, 2022
Guidelines for working restrictions - COVID March 16 2022

E-Blast March 11, 2022

Event Date: March 15, 2022
Please note the following information from OOM's E-Blast for March 11, 2022. Email Blast March 11 2022

OAC Connect March 14 2022

Event Date: March 13, 2022
The Opticians Association of Canada (OAC) is presenting OAC Connect - March Webcast which will be held online and live on Monday, March 14th, 2022 ...

E-BLAST – JANUARY 28th, 2022

Event Date: January 28, 2022
Please note the following information from OOM’s E Blast for January 28th, 2022. Click here.


Event Date: February 15, 2022
The Opticians Association of Canada (OAC) is presenting OAC Connect – February Webcast which will be held online and live on Tuesday, February 15th, 2022 ...

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