"OUR focus is YOUR eyesight"
E-BLAST December 8, 2022
Event Date: December 08, 2022

Subject: Continuing education credits and 5 draws for a $100 Visa gift card

OOM is currently working with optician regulatory bodies from across Canada to develop a multiple choice online assessment that will be used to assist internationally trained opticians determine if their level of skills and knowledge are comparable to an optician in Canada.

We need opticians to participate in a pilot of these items.

The pilot will run until December 31, 2022. We are offering continuing education credits as well as 5 random draws for a $100 Visa gift card for participating in this pilot.

The pilot consists of three separate forms, all questions are multiple-choice questions.

How do I participate? Decide which form you want to complete. Clink on the link below for that form. You must be licensed in contact lenses to complete the contact lens form.

Eyeglasses: https://test.nacor.ca/NACORPilot22EG.aspx 2 hours/2 EG credits
Contact lenses: https://test.nacor.ca/NACORPilot22CL.aspx 2 hours/2 CL credits
Eyeglasses and contact lenses: https://test.nacor.ca/NACORPilot22EGCL.aspx 4 hours/4 EC credits

The maximum number of credits you can receive for participating in the pilot is 4 credits.
If you complete the combined eyeglasses and contact lens form, you will not receive additional credits for completing the separate eyeglasses and contact lenses forms.

Forms must be completed in one sitting; you cannot save your answers and return to it later to finish it.

Who will receive my answers? Wickett Measurement Systems, a test development company will receive your answers, they will not share your answers with anyone, they are used for statistical purposes only.

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