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Opticians of Canada COVID-19 Important Information

Important Information

Dear fellow Opticians,

No one could have foreseen this crisis for the start of 2020. Nevertheless, it has happened. We as a profession are faced with many unique challenges. Some of us are entrepreneurs who own dispensaries and have bills to pay and employees to look after, some work for large chains and multi-faceted businesses, and yet others work with optometry and in clinical settings. Professional offices are closing across the country. The dentistry sector, for the most part, has cancelled non-emergency services. Elective surgeries have been cancelled. Bars and restaurants are closed or are operating as “take out only”.

Opticians are waiting for direction. Some of us can close our own shops or reduce hours. Some of us can make our own decision with regards to the front door, but many others cannot; we are at the mercy of our employers …or are we? The fact is that as a professional LICENSED OPTICIAN we are required to practice ethically. We have a duty to ensure that we are delivering our services in a safe and effective manner. This is your duty. So how do we reconcile that with our employers or even our bank manager and suppliers who expect to be paid on time or for you to show up and open the shop until they decide what is safe and not safe? This is tough. We have a Prime Minister who says, “stay home” and a health care community who are saying “keep your social distance” …. how do we take PDs? or adjust glasses? … Never mind the dilemma of fitting contact lenses! The Association cannot tell you to close or withdraw your services. The regulatory bodies cannot tell you either. The decision to close must come from the government or from the CEO of the company who employs you. This does not excuse you from your duty though. Fact is, you decide for yourself – as a professional – levelheaded and unbiased, “Can I practice safely?” If you choose to close, as a business owner there will or may be consequences financially but that is not different for the employed Optician who will or may face financial consequences and hardship.

The stories are coming in by the hour of Opticians who are both concerned for their own safety but also that of their clients. I am proud to be an Optician and to hear of the level of caring that you all share. The acts of kindness.

Share kindness not space. Together, we are stronger.

Robert Dalton
Executive Director of the Opticians Association of Canada


We endeavor to maintain an efficient response time to your inquiries and appreciate your patience at this time.

By Email
General Inquiries, Member Services, Continuing Education, Events: canada@opticians.ca
Primary Education (NAIT Program): education@opticians.ca

The OAC Administrative Team:
Maria Fereira, Reception & Member Services: mfereira@opticians.ca
Kim McGraw, Education Assistant: kmcgraw@opticians.ca
Roxanne Bisson, French Communications & Education Assistant: rbisson@opticians.ca
Sindy Rivart, Member Services & Database Manager: srivart@opticians.ca
Dalie Schellen, Provincial Program Coordinator: dschellen@opticians.ca
Lindsay Enns, Primary Education & Public Communications: lenns@opticians.ca
Robert Dalton, Executive Director: rdalton@opticians.ca

By Phone
Telephone messages left on our main telephone line ( 1-800-847-3155 x 0) will be retrieved and responded within 1 business day.


Direct any questions you have to the staff of OOM.  We are here to provide guidance and support.

OOM office: (204) 222-8404
OOM website:  opticiansofmanitoba.ca

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