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Application for PLAR (Document Review) + Interview Fee$225.75
Gap Analysis: Eyeglasses$682.50
Gap Analysis: Contact Lenses$771.49
License Fee: Eyeglasses$763.02
License Fee: Contact Lenses$818.47
Replacement Registration Certificate: Printing fee$35.00
Replacement License to Practice Card$35.00
Optician License Registration Fee ( One-time only fee)$200.00
Student Registration Fee (Subject for late fee after 2 weeks prior to NAIT deadline)$35.00
Late Student Application Fee$50.00
Inactive License Fee$319.70
Reinstatement Fee (Optician/ Contact Lens Optician)$300.00
Late License Application fee ( after Nov. 1st)$200.00
Duplicate Tax Receipt$15.00
Letter of Good Standing / Name Change / Incomplete Application Forms$25.00
Declined NSF Cheque / Declined Credit Card$100.00
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