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Category A

You must obtain a minimum of 75% of your MOC credits from activities organized and provided by the following list of providers:

  • The Opticians of Manitoba (OOM)
    • Includes acting as a council member
    • Includes teaching the Eyeglasses and Contact Lens Course
  • Canadian and American National Opticians Associations
  • Canadian and American Provincial or State Opticians Associations
  • Provincial Regulated Health Professions Agencies, where the activity is accredited for their regulated members

Category A activities include:

MOC Seminars

The MOC requirements may be completely met within these two categories:

  1. Eyeglasses-related lectures or MOC modules
  2. Contact lens-related lectures or MOC modules

Advanced Practice Courses

Opticians enrolled in the following will be awarded 9 credits per year, divided between the Eyeglasses and Contact Lens categories, upon successful completion of the year of studies:

  • Advanced Practice Year One
  • Advanced Practice Year Two Contact Lenses
  • Advanced Practice Year Two Sight Testing

important IMPORTANT

  • If you are a member of the Opticians Association of Canada, you will receive monetary tokens that you can use to complete MOC activities such as online education modules. You will receive a certificate online after successfully completing a module. Your credits will automatically be entered into your OOM MOC credit bank. However, you must send OOM a hard or electronic copy of the certificate to be placed in your permanent Optician file.

Other Activities

You may obtain a maximum of 25% of your MOC credits by participating in other activities.

Other activities include:

  • Activities having content that can be applied to the practice of Opticianry such as First Aid Courses, CPR, and Management Sessions
  • Relevant lectures or MOC modules having content that can be applied to the practice of Opticianry, such as St. John’s Ambulance, CPR, Management Seminars and Motivational Seminars
  • Medical Missions
  • Publication of an article on Opticianry
  • Publication of a research paper related to Opticianry
  • Activity on a specific committee or volunteer for a committee-related task
  • In-office presentations
  • Supplier seminars not provided by agencies in Category A
  • Attendance at the OOM AGM
  • Volunteer activities that contribute to the profession
Attendance at ODM/AGM1 other credit/year
Member of Council2 other credits/year
Practical Examination Examiner2 credits/year in the category of the exam
Course Instructors4 credits/year in the category they teach
Course Guest Lecturers1 credit in the category they teach
MOC Preparation/PresentationFor the initial presentation, a minimum of 1 credit to a maximum of 4 credits in the category of the lecture material. 1 credit for each additional presentation

(This is for people who travel out of province to deliver a lecture they have previously given)
Activity on a Specific CommitteeAs determined by the Education Committee. A minimum of 1 credit to a maximum of 4 other credits per year
Volunteers for Related TasksAs determined by the Education Committee
Performing Vision Screening at an Elementary School2 EG credits per session
Presenting at ‘Careers Day’ at a High School2 other credits
Writing an Article on OpticianryApply to Education Committee
Medical Missionary Work4* EG credit/week of mission
Writing a Research Paper on OpticianryApply to Education Committee
Supervision of 100 eyeglass fittings1 EG credit per year
Supervision of 100 contact lens fittings1 CL** credit per year
Supervision of 600 dispensing hours1 EG credit per year
Supervision of 250 contact lens hours1 CL credit per year
**Contact Lens

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